19/09/13: a paper entitled ‘Habitable Zone Lifetimes of Exoplanets around Main Sequence Stars‘ is published in Astrobiology. Newspaper, radio and TV attention and coverage of the estimates for the Earth’s habitable lifetime has been extensive. Read more about the paper in this blog post by lead author Andrew Rushby.



06/06/13: Andrew Rushby took part in the UEA Showcase Event, talking with the public in Norwich’s Forum Library about exoplanets and the astrobiological research that the UEA conducts.



01/06/13 : UEA Astrobiology launches new website.




29/05/13: Shields, A.L., Meadows, V.S., Bitz, C.M., Pierrehumbert, R.T., Joshi, M.M., Robinson, T.D. (2013)  The Effect of Host Star Spectral Energy Distribution and Ice-Albedo Feedback on the Climate of Extrasolar PlanetsAstrobiology (in press).


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